Blended Learning Lesson Planning

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Learning Activity

Let's get started on planning your Blended Learning lesson!

Plan a blended lesson for an upcoming unit. Be sure to include details on:

  • Description of the blended model you plan to use (stations, flex model, flipped, etc.)
  • Identify the technology tools that you plan to use (eg. Classroom, Docs/Slides, etc.) for delivery and completion of activities
  • Choose the multimedia that you will use (eg. instructional videos, websites, etc.)
  • Description of what students will be doing with the teacher and in collaborative and/or hands-on stations
  • Description of scaffolds and differentiation that you plan to include in the lesson
  • Description of assessments tools for evaluating student understanding

Use this Blended Lesson Planning Template as a guide for developing your plan.


Blended Learning Guide

How to Create a Lesson Plan in a Blended Learning Setup

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