PBL: Why is Project-Based Learning Important?

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A key component of project-based learning (PBL) is the collaboration it facilitates and successful collaboration relies on positive interdependence between the team of learners involved.

There are many other reasons why PBL is such a useful tool in the classroom; e.g. it fosters the development of problem solving, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, deeper learning, etcetera skills in students. The accountability PBL fosters in students is a big advantage of this methodology. Individual accountability drives achievement. When we know we will be held accountable, we are more motivated and try harder than when we know no one will see how much we have learned or how well we can perform.

Positive: The word positive in the term positive interdependence is based on extensive research demonstrating that cooperation almost always results when there is a positive correlation among outcomes. 

Interdependence: The word interdependence in the term positive interdependence refers literally to situations in which students must depend on each other. 

For this activity, reflect on your experiences with PBL and similar instructional methodologies that rely on collaboration. 



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