Numbers: Adding Audio to your Charts

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Learning Activity

You can record audio and video directly into a spreadsheet to complement your tables and charts. Add depth to your data with audio explanations, self-reflection videos, or video trials of an experiment.

Open your previous Numbers file which has your table data and chart. Follow the steps below to briefly record some audio to explain the results shown in your chart. 

Upload your Numbers file (saving it with the new audio) under Record Achievement. 


To Add Audio to your Numbers file

  1. Tap the Insert button, tap the Media button, then tap Record Audio.

    Note: After you record, you insert the recording wherever you want in the spreadsheet.

  2. Tap the Record button and start recording; when you want to stop, tap the Stop Recording button.

    While you record, you can scroll, zoom, and view different sheets.

  3. To preview your recording, tap the Preview button.

    To preview from a specific point, swipe left or right on the recording to position the green line, then tap the Preview button.

  4. To edit your recording, tap the Edit button, then do any of the following:

    • Rerecord a sectionDrag the green handles to select the section. Tap the Record button to record over that section.

      Controls for editing recorded audio. Handles indicate the selected section of the recording, and Preview, Record, Trim, Delete, and Edit Mode buttons are below.
    • Trim: Drag the green handles to define the section you want to keep. Tap the Trim button to delete everything outside of the handles.

    • Delete all or part of the recording: Drag the green handles to define the section you want to delete. Tap the Delete button to delete everything inside the handles.

  5. Go to the sheet where you want to add the recording, tap Insert or Done at the top of the screen, then drag the recording to move it.

To play your recording, tap the Audio button to select it, then tap it again. To edit or delete the recording after you add it to a sheet, tap it, then tap Edit or Delete.

You can also share your recording as an audio file. Tap the recording in the spreadsheet, then tap Share.

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