Desmos: Play a Desmos Polygraph game (K-8)

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Learning Activity

Visit the Desmos Polygraph page and learn more about the Polygraph games on the Desmos website.

Then, log in with Google & search "Polygraph" to find a game that you like. Assign the game to students and have fun playing!

Check out the Help Center below for links to additional Polygraph resources.

Pro Tip: It's helpful to provide students with the language they may need in order to ask questions about the images (example: if playing lines, maybe provide vocab cards and sentence stems related to direction, length, comparison, etc.)


Learn more about Desmos Polygraph

"Desmos: God's Gift to STEM Teachers" by Matt Vaudrey-- scroll down to Part 2 to see Matt's list of favorite activities & find Polygraph games by grade level (from Kinder up!)

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