Eureka Math: Equip

3 Learners | 3 Completed Lessons | 1 Hour of Learning Time

Learning Activity

Equip is a diagnostic assessment tool built for Eureka Math.  This suite of tools will help teachers identify and address gaps in knowledge so teachers can provide just-in-time supports helping students engage in grade-level content.  These tools are for grades 1-12 and include the following:

  • "Pre module Assessments:  These adaptive assessments use branch logic to create a custom question path that helps teachers identify a student's last point of success with the material as well as knowledge gaps and misunderstandings to be addressed before each module.
  • Assessment Reporting:  Teachers can see individual student performance as well as class trends.
  • Consolidated Supporting Lessons:  These lessons draw on previous grade-level content to help students overcome the knowledge gaps identified in the pre-module assessments.  They also include fluency activities appropriate for individual students and small groups.
  • Pacing Guidance:  Versatile pacing suggestions help teachers keep students on track with current grade-level work while they catch up on previous material without adding instructional days."



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