Lightspeed: Insights and Pinned Students

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Teachers do NOT have time to monitor students’ screens.  Lightspeed will let you know if a student has unusual browsing activity and may be off task. Insights are displayed based on student’s browsing activity and help you understand who is most likely to need attention. Simply click on the student’s name to open the student info window to see what they are up to in real-time.


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Students who need to be closely monitored can be added to the Pinned list. This Pinned list displays above the Activity list and does not change when a filter (status or currently browsing) is applied to the active list.

To add a student to the Pinned list, hover over the student’s name in the Activity list and click the pin icon (to the right of the list). 

To remove the student from the Pinned list, hover over their name (on the Pinned list) and click on the pin icon. 

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