Using ChatGPT to support Special Education Instruction

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In this activity, you will watch a section of the Pedagogy Cloud webinar on the use of ChatGPT in Education. This section covers the application of ChatGPT in supporting Special Education instruction.

ChatGPT can support special education instruction in a number of ways. 

  • Personalized Learning: AI tools like ChatGPT can personalize learning by adapting the instruction to the individual. For example, ChatGPT can provide additional resources or explanations tailored to a student's needs if a student is struggling with a particular topic. It can also simplify text, making learning materials more accessible to a variety of students. 
  • Interactive and Engaging Learning: These tools can make learning more interactive and interesting for students. ChatGPT can provide interactive activities and games that can help students with special needs to learn and practice different skills.
  • Auditory and Visual Learning Resources: For students who struggle with written text, ChatGPT can offer links to websites or resources that contain images or audio files related to the topic being discussed. It can also provide detailed descriptions to help students visualize the topic or item they are learning about. 


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