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Transform Your Teaching with SAMR

Do you ever feel like technology has so much potential to enhance learning but falls short in your classroom? Are your students still passively listening to lectures and regurgitating facts on tests even when using devices? There is a better way. Discover how the SAMR model can help you harness technology to engage students and promote deeper learning actively. 

SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. It is a framework for integrating technology into teaching, moving step-by-step from enhancement to transformation. On Alludo’s online SAMR course, you’ll learn how to apply each level through hands-on activities.

Start by substituting traditional materials with direct technology replacements. This digitizes your classroom without changing student tasks. Next, augment lessons by using tech tools to improve current activities. Add richness with multimedia, increase efficiency with digital feedback, and provide more resources. 

Reach the higher SAMR levels to truly engage students. Modify activities to redesign tasks using technology. Have students create original animations, design infographics, contribute to a class wiki, or collaborate on online documents. Finally, redefine learning with creation-centered assignments only possible with technology. Develop interactive stories, make a class podcast, code your own app, and more.

Throughout Alludo’s SAMR course, you'll have support to brainstorm ideas and get feedback. Finish with your own SAMR implementation plan. See measurable growth in student collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity as you progress up the SAMR model. Transform passive learners into empowered innovators today!

SAMR Activities

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