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Class Dojo

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ClassDojo is revolutionizing communication between teachers, students, and parents. This incredible app builds classroom communities by encouraging students with feedback, fostering digital portfolios to showcase student work, facilitating two-way messaging, and bringing families into the learning experience. 

As an educator, ClassDojo will make your life easier and teaching more effective. Imagine having an easy way to give students immediate feedback and track conduct over time to reinforce positive behaviors. Picture students eagerly building dynamic digital portfolios to share their evolving work with you and their parents. Envision direct messaging with parents about student progress, eliminating stressful parent-teacher conferences. 

The benefits don't end there. With ClassDojo you can create interactive lessons, facilitate group collaboration, and even have students submit assignments. It's a powerful classroom management tool that students love.

But getting started with new technology can be intimidating. That's why Alludo is here to help. Our online courses break ClassDojo down into practical, approachable steps you can immediately implement in your teaching. Learn to set up your virtual classroom, give assignments through ClassDojo, have students build portfolios, and master advanced techniques - with video tutorials and step-by-step guidance from experienced educators.

Invest in yourself by developing new skills that will make you a more effective, tech-savvy teacher. Join the over 3 million educators worldwide who have discovered the magic of ClassDojo. Sign up for Alludo's ClassDojo course and transform your teaching today!

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