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TEDx: An Inspiring Resource for Educators 

What if you could instantly access a treasure trove of ideas, inspiration, and insights from the world's foremost thinkers, doers, and dreamers? With TEDx, you can. TEDx is an offshoot of the renowned TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference, which features short, powerful talks on everything from education reform to quantum physics. 

While TED presenters are seasoned experts and visionaries, TEDx welcomes anyone with a compelling message and presentation. This means students, teachers, parents - anyone in your school community - can share their passions and perspectives. 

Here are just some of the ways TEDx can enrich learning:

  • Motivate students with talks by youth activists, scientists, artists, and global changemakers. There are even TEDx events organized by kids for kids.
  • Reenergize teachers by exposing them to innovative classroom strategies and impactful messages from fellow educators. Veterans and newbies alike draw inspiration from TEDx.
  • Foster critical thinking and civic discourse by discussing TEDx talks that tackle controversial issues from multiple lenses. There are always multiple sides to every story.
  • Make better decisions by listening to TEDx speakers share lessons learned, whether in business, tech, or taking a chance on a bold vision for the future. We can all learn from each other. 

The best part? You don't have to wait for a TEDx event to come to you. TEDx talks are available online, easy to find by topic, and 100% free. You can even create and host your own TEDx event at your school, following TEDx rules. The potential for connection is limitless.

So what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in TEDx and unlock ideas worth spreading. Your students, fellow educators, and school community will be better for it. That's the power of TEDx.

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