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Discover a Path to Digital Citizenship Mastery

As an educator, you shape the lives of students and guide them into the future. That future is increasingly digital, connected, and complex. Are you equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to model digital citizenship and empower students' safe, ethical use of technology?

Alludo provides immersive training on the ISTE standards for educators. Through a series of activities tailored to different experience levels, you'll master the ins and outs of digital citizenship and responsibility. Weave vital digital citizenship lessons into English, social studies, and other core subjects. 

Our training helps you internalize all Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship, from etiquette to literacy to law. Bring ISTE's globally recognized best practices on everything from data privacy to helpful communication into your classroom. 

You'll join a community of thousands of educators learning how to:

  • Implement the ISTE standards and benchmarks 
  • Teach students to think critically about their technology use
  • Create curriculum-aligned digital citizenship lesson plans
  • Model safe, ethical digital behavior 
  • Guide students to become responsible digital community members

Experience rich training full of real-world examples and actionable techniques. Collaborate with fellow educators to workshop ideas and get expert feedback. Leave with confidence in leading students into the digital age.

ISTE Activities

Quickly deploy ISTE lessons to your entire district.

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