Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

146 Learners | 306 Completed Lessons | 110 Hours of Learning Time

We live in an increasingly digital world. Our students are surrounded by technology from a young age - using smartphones, engaging with social media, and searching the internet. As educators, it's our responsibility to prepare students to safely and effectively navigate this digital landscape. That's why Alludo's new Digital Literacy training is so valuable.  

This comprehensive training curriculum equips educators with the knowledge and resources to teach essential digital literacy skills. Through a series of interactive modules, you'll cover topics like media bias, source evaluation, identifying misinformation, and more. Not only will this program help your students become responsible digital citizens, but it will make your life easier by providing complete lesson plans and assignments.

With Alludo's Digital Literacy program, you'll be able to:

  • Teach students to identify media bias and recognize native advertising
  • Show students how to effectively search the internet and evaluate online sources   
  • Spot fake news and false information online
  • Assign video literacy lessons to sharpen critical thinking
  • Access ready-made Common Sense Media curriculum

The training incorporates research-backed methods for improving digital literacy across all grade levels. Short videos, reflection questions, and resources from leading organizations ensure engaging and effective learning.  

As technology evolves, so must our teaching. Equip yourself and your students for success in the digital world with Alludo's Digital Literacy training. Enroll today!

Digital Literacy Activities

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