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Teaching Media Literacy to Counter Addictive Design

In today's digital age, young people face unprecedented exposure to addictively-designed media that competes intensely for their attention. As educators, we have a responsibility to equip students with the skills and mindsets to use technology wisely. This training will empower you to teach media literacy, highlighting social media's addictive design features and their impacts on wellbeing.  

Through a series of practical, discussion-based activities, you'll explore concepts like feedback loops and variable rewards that keep users hooked. You'll plan engaging lessons to increase students' awareness of how their devices and apps are engineered for addiction. Equipping young people to recognize these mechanisms is the first step to using technology intentionally, not compulsively.

Beyond critiquing addictive design, we'll also showcase emerging trends in humane technology that prioritizes user wellbeing over profit. You'll lead students in thoughtful discussions around balancing technology's benefits and downsides in their own lives. Our aim isn't to vilify technology, but to empower students with perspective and self-control. 

This training will equip you to guide students toward healthy digital habits. You'll help young people gain agency over their technology use, learning to harness its advantages while minimizing harms. In our device-dominated world, these skills offer lifelong value. Join us and teach the media literacy that students desperately need.

Addiction Activities

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