ELD Curriculum Support Programs

ELD Curriculum Support Programs

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As an educator, having a strong English Language Development (ELD) curriculum is essential to support the growing population of English learners in our schools. With programs like Wonders for English Learners, Amplify, and SpringBoard, educators now have access to engaging, differentiated instruction specifically designed to accelerate English language acquisition. 

On Alludo's online professional development platform, you can dive deep into these leading ELD curriculum support programs. Through video demonstrations, step-by-step tutorials, and collaborative lesson planning activities with fellow educators, you’ll learn practical techniques to integrate these programs into your instruction.

For example, explore how California Wonders for English Learners creates multimodal, scaffolded learning experiences centered around rich, diverse literature. Learn how Amplify’s formative assessments and data-driven interventions provide targeted support to close skill gaps. And discover how SpringBoard’s backward-designed ELA curriculum allows flexibility to differentiate for all learners.  

Join the thousands of educators currently on Alludo gaining hands-on practice with the latest ELD curriculum support programs. Walk away with an expanded instructional toolkit and the confidence to meet the needs of every English learner. The time is now to provide equitable access to content and language. Alludo has the professional learning tools to help you make it happen.

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