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Google Earth

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Travel Through Time and Space with Google Earth

Google Earth opens up the entire planet and even the solar system for magical virtual exploration. This free software lets you zoom in on any location on Earth or soar into space to examine other planets. For educators, Google Earth provides an unparalleled opportunity to create immersive and interactive learning experiences for students. 

Alludo's Google Earth training materials demonstrate how to harness the power of this platform to engage students more deeply across subjects. Learn how to virtually visit geographical and cultural sites around the world. Journey back in time using Google Earth's historical imagery feature to analyze changes over decades. Create customized tours with placemarks, images, videos, and text to guide students on interactive adventures tailored to curriculum needs.

Specifically, Alludo's Google Earth training covers features like Voyager, which provides curated tours on themes like Ancient Rome or World War II. Discover how to build your own Voyages to share the hidden wonders of your local community. Or teach students to make their own tours of favorite destinations to foster creativity.  

The training also includes interactive activities to let students add lines, shapes, and even Street View perspectives to mapping projects. They can annotate maps to demonstrate understanding or tell rich stories blending place and time. More advanced users can incorporate viewshed tools for environmental projects or 3D imaging to construct buildings. 

Finally, Alludo prepares educators to utilize Google Earth Pro for interstellar trips through the solar system and comparisons back home. This tool opens up the entire universe as a classroom, full of teachable moments.

Experience professional development that empowers you to prepare students for the future using Google Earth. Alludo makes it easy and enjoyable to master this platform's potential for building geographers, scientists, historians, and creative problem-solvers. Start your Google Earth journey today!

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