Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture

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Unlock the World's Art and Culture from Your Classroom 

Google Arts & Culture provides educators an astonishing portal into humanity's rich cultural heritage. With the tap of a finger, you and your students can access over 2,000 museums and archives from around the globe showcasing art, artifacts, and historical sites through vivid high resolution imagery, 360° views, and virtual walking tours. 

Yet Google Arts & Culture is far more than a virtual museum. It contains a treasure trove of classroom resources and activities to captivate learners of all ages and ignite their creativity. Students can remix iconic paintings into unique collages with machine learning algorithms, craft original operas with the whimsical Blob Opera web application, or embark on an interactive expedition back in time led by Sir David Attenborough. 

Educators using Google Arts & Culture report increased student engagement, opportunities for differentiated instruction across subjects, and growth in critical thinking as students make cross-cultural connections. The platform also enables new forms of assessment through student-created artifacts like Blob Opera recordings, jigsaw puzzle solutions, replicas of museum artwork, and 360° video-enhanced lesson plans.

By taking Alludo's self-paced Google Arts & Culture online course, you will:

  • Master techniques for integrating Google Arts & Culture into engaging, standards-aligned lesson plans
  • Discover the platform's hidden gems tailored to early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school learners  
  • Learn best practices for managing student accounts and monitoring collaborative online activities
  • Explore pedagogical strategies that spark students' innate curiosity through virtual expeditions  

Join millions of students and educators worldwide who have discovered the inspirational power of Google Arts & Culture. Register today for Alludo's self-paced online course and gain the knowledge and confidence to bring the world's artistic treasures into your classroom!

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