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Struggling readers need a hero - enter WonderWorks. This powerful parallel literacy program partners with Wonders to flexibly meet diverse learning needs. For foundational skills that unlock reading potential, WonderWorks packs a one-two punch. Laser-targeted phonics and fluency development build accuracy, rate, intonation, expression - all critical pieces. The program taps into the brain's natural learning sequence through a gradual release model that's specially designed to help struggling students thrive. Step into their shoes and watch samples come alive. Lessons strategically transition from teacher modeling to collaborative practice until students independently apply concepts. "I do, we do, you do" means no reader is left to fend for themselves. Ongoing assessment and targeted intervention reteach slippery skills. Connected texts bridge activities for transfer and retention. Turn struggling readers into thriving readers with the WonderWorks advantage. Join today on Alludo for game-changing Wonders training. 

WonderWorks Activities

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