UbD (Understanding by Design)

UbD (Understanding by Design)

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Teachers: Unlock Deeper Learning with Understanding by Design 

Do your students ever seem to memorize facts and concepts without truly grasping them? As teachers, we want our students to develop true, lasting understanding. But it can be challenging to design units and lessons that lead to the kind of deeper learning that sticks with students for a lifetime. 

That’s where Understanding by Design (UbD) comes in. UbD is an approach to curriculum planning that focuses on teaching for understanding and transferable knowledge. With UbD, teachers engage in “backward design” - identifying the enduring understandings they want students to grasp before mapping out learning activities. This approach ensures learning activities serve a specific purpose - equipping students with conceptual understanding and essential skills.

On Alludo’s new UbD training program, you’ll learn from expert practitioners how to put UbD methodology into practice. Over a series of self-paced courses, you’ll gain strategies for identifying enduring understandings, crafting essential questions that spark inquiry, developing assessments to gauge true comprehension, and designing engaging learning activities tied directly to desired understandings. 

Throughout these practical, applicable video-based courses, you’ll have opportunities to collaborate with fellow teachers and get feedback from experienced UbD coaches. You’ll walk away ready to overhaul your curriculum and lesson plans to focus on true understanding. Students will develop higher-order thinking skills, retain knowledge longer, and make connections across subjects.

Don’t settle for curriculum that only skims the surface. With Alludo’s UbD program, you’ll gain the framework and tools to create units that click with students at a profound level. Join us in unlocking deeper learning!

UbD (Understanding by Design) Activities

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