Promethean Boards

Promethean Boards

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Teachers, transform your classroom into an interactive learning space with Promethean Boards! These state-of-the-art interactive displays engage students like never before with vivid visuals, seamless collaboration, and limitless creativity. But to unlock their full potential, you need the right training. That's where Alludo comes in. 

With Alludo, you can become a Promethean Board master through bite-sized video lessons that fit your busy schedule. Learn how to wow your students by sharing screens, websites, and videos with just a few taps. Draw and annotate over any content for vivid explanations that stick. Spin through student names or lesson options with slick built-in apps. And engage kids in real time with instant polls and quizzes that liven up lessons. 

The possibilities are endless with Alludo's step-by-step Promethean Board tutorials. Master math tools that make angles and shapes spring to life. Explore a massive resource library full of ready-made lessons. Add videos, sounds and images that make abstract concepts concrete. Record your screen to flip the classroom. And even become a Certified Promethean Teacher with Alludo's help. 

The future of education is interactive, and Promethean Boards allow you to give students an immersive experience that makes learning exciting. But you need training to create this high-tech classroom. Alludo provides that training through quick, targeted video lessons that show you exactly how to use these amazing tools to engage your students. 

The time is now - make your classroom an interactive space where students are excited to learn. Alludo gives you the Promethean Board skills to make it happen. Transform education in your classroom today!

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