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Transform Student Assessment with Rubrics 

As an educator, having clear evaluation criteria is essential for accurately and fairly assessing student work. Rubrics provide a powerful framework for communicating expectations, evaluating progress, and giving targeted feedback. With comprehensive rubrics training on Alludo, you'll master creating and applying various rubric types to elevate your assessment capabilities.

Through interactive activities, you'll explore holistic, analytic, and single-point rubrics to match diverse learning objectives. See how rubrics clarify grading metrics, reduce subjectivity, and increase student motivation by showing them what success looks like. Learn how to develop rubrics collaboratively with colleagues to align on standards and set consistent expectations across subjects or grade levels.  

Specifically, you'll discover how to:

  • Build skills-based rubrics to track mastery of competencies over time, not just outcomes on a single assignment
  • Design discussion rubrics to assess quality participation and engagement
  • Create writing rubrics to provide actionable feedback tied to growth areas  
  • Leverage conferencing rubrics to personalize guidance during one-on-one meetings
  • And more!

With dedicated practice in Alludo's virtual workshops, you'll gain confidence creating custom rubrics for any assignment or skill. See how clear evaluation criteria and meaningful feedback propel student growth. The result? Saving time while becoming a more strategic, collaborative assessor. 

Transform assessment in your classroom with rubrics training on Alludo today!

Rubrics Activities

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Points 50 | Time 00:30

Points 50 | Time 00:30

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