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Educators today need tools that engage students, spark collaboration, and make learning come alive. Padlet delivers on all fronts. This acclaimed digital canvas gives teachers an interactive space to post multimedia content, have students respond with text, images, links and more, facilitate peer feedback, and capture those lightbulb moments.

On Padlet’s blank, infinite wall, posts can be dragged, arranged, and clustered, mirroring the nonlinear nature of discourse and discovery. Students feel empowered voicing ideas in myriad ways, shy participants open up, and classes transform into vibrant idea exchange forums. 

Padlet’s versatility makes it a Swiss army knife for the modern classroom. Use it for icebreakers, exit tickets, formative assessments, collaborative timelines, multimedia galleries, graphic organizers, and so much more. Seamlessly toggle between public and private walls to suit the activity.

Alludo’s Padlet for Educators courses unlock Padlet’s potential for pedagogical breakthroughs. From basics like creating an account and building your first wall, to advanced features like exporting content and using specialized templates, these courses cover it all.

You’ll discover tested tips on fostering peer collaboration, designing interactive lessons across subjects, streamlining workflow, and troubleshooting common issues. Padlet’s integration with popular edtech tools and LMS platforms is also covered, so you can embed walls directly into existing ecosystems.  

By the end, you’ll have the confidence and skillset to use Padlet for:

  • Ongoing class Q&A parking lot
  • Creative writing and peer editing
  • Interactive gallery walks 
  • Collaborative graphic organizers
  • Multimedia vocabulary walls with images, audio and video
  • Cross-curricular digital portfolios
  • Remote and hybrid learning
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Capturing exit tickets, quick writes and comprehension checks
  • Seamless LMS and tool integrations
  • ...and so much more!

Padlet takes classroom engagement to the next level. With Alludo’s courses, unlocking its potential is simple and rewarding.

Padlet Activities

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