Edmentum: Exact Path

Edmentum: Exact Path

66 Learners | 248 Completed Lessons | 138 Hours of Learning Time

Unlock Student Potential with Personalized Learning Paths 

What if you could pinpoint each student's exact learning needs and then deliver targeted instruction to fill those gaps? With Edmentum's Exact Path, it's possible.

This powerful personalized learning solution diagnoses students' abilities in math, reading, and language arts. Using adaptive assessments and actionable data, it creates a customized learning path for every learner. Students then work through engaging, standards-aligned content until they've mastered each essential skill. 

Meanwhile, teachers gain an unprecedented level of insight into students' strengths and weaknesses. Robust reporting tracks progress toward proficiency, helping you provide extra support where needed. Group and challenge tools further motivate students to own their learning.  

The benefits are clear: with Exact Path, students can accelerate to grade level or simply strengthen existing skills. Classes become less frustrating for struggling learners. Advanced students stretch their abilities in a self-paced environment. Most importantly, every child gets the differentiated instruction required to thrive.

Empower your students and transform instruction with Exact Path. Alludo's online courses show you how to:

  • Administer and interpret diagnostic assessments
  • Customize learning paths to target skill gaps  
  • Use assignments, groups, and challenges to drive mastery
  • Harness data for more informed, purposeful teaching 
  • Integrate Exact Path into your core curriculum
  • And more!

Don't just teach to the middle. Reach every student at their level with personalized learning powered by Edmentum's Exact Path. Enroll in Alludo's training program today!

Edmentum: Exact Path Activities

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