Intro to EduProtocols

Intro to EduProtocols

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Transform Your Classroom with EduProtocols

Do you feel like your lessons are getting stale? Are your students tuning out and checking their phones? As an educator, bringing energy and innovation to the classroom is a constant battle. But what if there was a simple yet revolutionary solution to engage your students like never before? 

EduProtocols offer a fresh framework to invigorate any subject or grade. These adaptable lesson plans break up tired teaching routines and empower you to build an exciting, supportive culture focused on your students' needs. 

Developed by educators for educators, EduProtocols leverage the wisdom of the crowd. The library of templates equips you with proven lessons created by your peers across the country. And the beauty lies in their simplicity and flexibility...

You can easily customize any protocol to your specific curriculum and students. Energize a boring topic, facilitate meaningful discussions, and make your classroom the students' favorite place to be.  

The ready-to-use format means you can focus less on rote planning and more on what matters - connecting with your students. EduProtocols handle the structure so you can devote your precious time to relationship building.

And the benefits don't stop there...

EduProtocols have been shown to:

  • Increase student engagement and enjoyment
  • Spark more on-task participation  
  • Promote deeper learning and retention
  • Set students up for academic success

Whether you're teaching virtually or in-person, EduProtocols will become your classroom secret weapon.

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