MacBook: Swift Playgrounds

MacBook: Swift Playgrounds

7 Learners | 36 Completed Lessons | 29 Hours of Learning Time

Unlock the Power of Coding on MacBook with Swift Playgrounds 

Educators, engage your students and set them up for future success with coding skills. Swift Playgrounds makes it fun and easy to learn coding right on a MacBook. Through interactive activities in the guided "Learn to Code" levels, educators and students can master coding concepts like commands, functions, loops, conditionals, operators, algorithms, and more.  

With Swift Playgrounds, the power of coding comes alive. Students gain confidence as they use real code to solve puzzles and build their own creations. They'll learn computational thinking as they apply logic to tackle challenges. Coding becomes an adventure, not a chore.

Now Alludo opens up this world of coding on MacBook to schools everywhere. With self-paced courses mapped to the Swift Playgrounds curriculum, educators can skill up on teaching coding. Bring these engaging activities right into your classroom without any prior experience needed. 

Alludo's Swift Playgrounds training will equip you to:

  • Guide students through the Learn to Code levels and beyond
  • Explain key coding concepts clearly
  • Troubleshoot any issues that arise    
  • Customize activities to your student's needs
  • Inspire students' passion for computer science

With Alludo by your side, you can empower the coders of tomorrow. Students will sharpen computational thinking abilities prized by top companies. Unlock new career paths like app development, robotics engineering, data science, and more. 

Take the first step towards making coding on MacBook a reality for your students. Alludo provides specialized training for educators to plant the seeds of computer science that can shape their students' futures.

MacBook: Swift Playgrounds Activities

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