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Teachers, unlock your formative assessment superpowers with Formative on Alludo. Formative lets you create quizzes, surveys, exit tickets and more to check student understanding in real-time. But it’s about more than just multiple choice. With Formative, students can draw diagrams, explain concepts in their own words, collaborate on whiteboards, and really showcase what they know.

The formative library already has thousands of pre-made activities covering every subject and grade level imaginable. Assign something ready-made or create your own in minutes. Customize the settings so students can answer questions individually, in teams, or all together. See their responses appear instantly on your teacher dashboard. Then provide feedback right there in the moment when it matters most.  

Formative integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom, Clever and other platforms you already use. And the upgrades don’t stop there. Enable secure testing settings to prevent cheating. Review answer trends over time to inform your instruction. Collaborate with colleagues to share formats and inspiration. The possibilities are endless when you unlock Formative.

Start realizing Formative’s potential today with training on Alludo. Learn best practices for creating and assigning formative quizzes. Discover timesaving tips for finding and modifying pre-made formats. Master Formative’s advanced features like drawing tools, self-grading, and LockDown browser integration. Whatever your Formative goals, Alludo will help you achieve them with on-demand video courses, live webinars, and more. See firsthand how this “superpower” platform can take your formative assessments higher than ever. Your students will reach new heights right along with you.

Formative Activities

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