Wait Time

Wait Time

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Transform Your Teaching With Wait Time

Have you ever asked a thoughtful question in class, only to be met by silence or a rushed, superficial response? As teachers, we all want rich discussion from our students. But often students need more time to process questions and formulate responses. This is where “wait time” comes in. 

What if small tweaks in your questioning technique could yield huge dividends in student engagement? According to research, simply waiting 3-5 seconds after posing a question―known as “wait time”―can significantly improve student participation and higher-order thinking.

Our new online course helps you master wait time to take your teaching to the next level. Over 5 lessons, you’ll learn:

  • The research behind wait time and how it transforms class discussions
  • When and how to implement wait time in your questioning
  • Troubleshooting issues like pushing past the awkward silences
  • Tailoring wait time for students with different needs
  • Measuring if you’re applying wait time correctly

Through videos, examples, and reflections, you’ll gain actionable techniques to engage all learners. Come away with increased student participation, fewer “I don’t knows,” and richer peer-to-peer dialogue.

Don’t just ask questions―empower answers. Unlock wait time to make your good teaching great!

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