Delta Math

Delta Math

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Delta Math is an innovative instructional platform designed to engage students while providing educators powerful assessment tools. With Delta Math, instructors can instantly assign automatically graded math problems tailored to each student's level and track progress with robust reporting. With the ability to choose from thousands of math skills spanning middle school to AP math, Delta Math is the ultimate tool for differentiated and mastery-based instruction. 

On Alludo's new Delta Math course, learn how to harness Delta Math's capabilities to drive student growth and reach instructional goals. Through step-by-step video tutorials and knowledge checks, instructors will master creating classes, adding students, building assignments, and utilizing Delta Math's treasure trove of data. The course covers key features like skill recommendations, topic exploration, due date allocation, student attempts, and module weighting.  

  • Educators who take Alludo's Delta Math course gain skills to:
  • Streamline assignment creation for middle to high school math classes
  • Personalize assignments to each student's needs and pace
  • Motivate students through targeted practice and instant feedback
  • Identify knowledge gaps to refine instruction  
  • Track class and student progress toward standards/objectives
  • Show growth on benchmark and state assessments

With Alludo and Delta Math, instructors have all the tools necessary to increase student math achievement. Enroll in the course to begin leveraging Delta Math today!

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