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Transform Your Classroom with Clevertouch

Clevertouch interactive displays are revolutionizing modern classrooms. These sleek, versatile touchscreens engage students like never before with immersive visuals, real-time collaboration, and seamless device integration. 

On Alludo's new Clevertouch training course, educators can unlock the full potential of these groundbreaking boards. Over 11 illuminating modules, you'll master all the essential features of Clevertouch's intuitive LYNX software. From customizing backgrounds to embedding multimedia, you'll gain the skills to create dynamic lessons that captivate 21st century learners.

The course also covers Clevertouch's suite of classroom management tools. Discover how to use timers to aid pacing or the floating pencil to focus attention. With built-in math graphing and science annotation capabilities, Clevertouch boards adapt to any subject or teaching style. 

Additionally, you'll learn quick shortcuts for saving time, while the split screen and slice tools enable you to segment content for targeted instruction. And Clevertouch's interactive whiteboard lets you collaborate with remote students in real-time, opening up blended learning opportunities.

But it doesn't stop there. Clevertouch boards seamlessly integrate with student devices using screen mirroring and the Clevershare app. This means pupils can instantly display their work to the class, promoting participation. There's also a handy built-in browser and easy media importing to allow for multimedia-rich lessons.

Whether you're looking to amplify engagement, encourage collaboration or simply save time, Clevertouch delivers. By the end of these practical training modules, you'll feel empowered to unlock your board's capabilities. Your only limit is your imagination - so enroll today and let Clevertouch spark creativity in your classroom.

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