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Educators, Empower Your Classroom with Blocksi

As an educator, having control of your digital classroom environment is essential for effective teaching and learning. Blocksi offers a powerful solution to monitor student screen activity, keep students focused, and create an optimal online learning space. 

With Blocksi, you can view all student screens at once to ensure proper online behavior and activity. Easily open a full view of any student screen for closer monitoring with just one click. Blocksi makes it simple to keep your students on task.

Additionally, Blocksi allows you to place individual students or the entire class into a "Penalty Box" to limit access to websites and applications if students get off track. This encourages students to refocus without major disruption to the rest of the class. You remain in complete control.

Assessments can also be administered seamlessly using Blocksi's "Assessment Mode" to lock down devices into a secure testing environment. Only approve specific websites and apps for student access during quizzes and exams to prevent cheating and distractions.

With real-time monitoring, on-demand student screen views, and classroom management features like the Penalty Box, Blocksi gives you unmatched oversight. Students stay focused, disciplined, and on track in the digital classroom.

Experience the power of Blocksi yourself with in-depth training from leading experts available now on Alludo. Join the many educators who have discovered how Blocksi facilitates an efficient, disruption-free learning environment. Take control of your digital classroom today!

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