Epson Projectors

Epson Projectors

18 Learners | 58 Completed Lessons | 12 Hours of Learning Time

Do you ever wish you had more dynamic, interactive tools for sparking creativity and engagement with your students? Are you looking for technology that makes lessons come alive, gets kids collaborating, and takes learning to the next level? Epson projectors open up a world of possibilities.

With stunning ultra short throw projectors like the Epson 697UI and the expansive Epson 1485FI, educators can create immersive learning environments perfect for the way today's students learn. These projectors empower you to display vivid content and media at scale, transforming any wall into an interactive whiteboard for collaboration. 

Students can gather around the projected image to actively participate, working together to solve problems, showcase ideas, analyze texts or datasets, annotate diagrams, and more. The experience becomes truly collective and energizing. 

Epson's innovative projectors feature precise interactivity, easy connectivity, split screen capability, and intuitive controls. They replace old-fashioned chalkboards and static screens by making lessons multi-dimensional. Learning leaps off the page and into the room.

Unleash Creativity and Critical Thinking

With versatile Epson projectors as part of your instructional toolkit, the possibilities are endless. Spark deeper discussions by projecting images, infographics, and primary sources for analysis. Let students showcase projects with immersive multimedia. Encourage teamwork and critical thinking with interactive group annotation and brainstorming. 

The technology disappears so the focus stays on spurring engagement and understanding.

Professional Development for Impact

Are you ready to discover how Epson can transform teaching and learning in your classroom? Alludo offers online courses to help educators master Epson classroom technology. 

Learn best practices for installation, operation, maintenance and innovative instructional approaches. Expert-led videos, tutorials and training materials will build your confidence. 

Join the future of education with Epson projectors and Alludo. Dynamic classrooms start here!

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