Actiontec Screenbeam

Actiontec Screenbeam

2 Learners | 7 Completed Lessons | 2 Hours of Learning Time

What if you could instantly mirror any device to the classroom TV or projector with just the tap of a button? No more fumbling with cables, dongles, or clunky apps. Actiontec Screenbeam allows educators to wirelessly display content from any device in seconds. 

With Screenbeam, teachers can instantly share their screen, videos, documents, or webpages to the entire class. Students can share their work without leaving their seats. Guest speakers can walk in and instantly present. It's the easy button for real-time collaboration and seamless lesson flow. 

Screenbeam works with all devices - Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iOS - no apps required. Teachers can display up to 4 student screens simultaneously, ink over shared content in real-time, and push websites out to the entire class or individual students. 

This isn't your traditional screen mirroring. Screenbeam is designed specifically for fast-paced classroom environments. It's reliable, secure, and gives educators complete wireless control. No more technical difficulties or lesson delays.

Bring your classroom into the 21st century with effortless device mirroring. Empower students to share ideas in seconds. Create an interactive, collaborative learning environment where technology enhances instruction. With Screenbeam, the possibilities are limitless. The future of education is here. Learn how Screenbeam can transform your classroom today.

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