Newline Smartboards

Newline Smartboards

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Teachers, imagine having the power to captivate your students like never before. To engage and inspire them with technology that makes learning interactive, immersive, and fun. This is the magic of Newline Smartboards. 

With stunning 4K resolution, multi-touch capabilities, and integrated software, Newline Smartboards by Newline Interactive are the most advanced educational displays on the market. They're designed to amplify teaching and maximize student potential.

Just imagine the possibilities. With a Newline Smartboard in your classroom, lessons become larger than life. Notes, diagrams, videos - everything is crystal clear on the cinema-sized 4K screen. Write or draw directly on the board with your finger or one of Newline's pens. Zoom in and out for emphasis. Use the integrated whiteboard to annotate lessons. Access the built-in Android-based PC to search online, display content, and run educational software. 

Newline Smartboards unleash teaching superpowers. Encourage participation by allowing multiple students to interact with the board simultaneously. Break complex concepts down step-by-step. Foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Immerse students in virtual field trips and 3D content. The possibilities are endless. 

Choose from Newline's feature-packed RS+ and Q Series Smartboards. Both offer 4K Ultra HD displays, 20-point multitouch, integrated Annotation software and Whiteboard, built-in Android PC, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, mobile device screen sharing, and so much more. They're designed for seamless integration into any learning environment.

Experience the magic of Newline Smartboards for yourself. Alludo provides educators with on-demand training for all Newline products. Their self-paced online courses allow you to learn on your schedule. Master essential skills like connecting devices, using the built-in Whiteboard and Annotation tools, and leveraging the Android PC. 

Upgrade your classroom today. Engage students like never before with Newline Smartboards. And let Alludo give you the confidence and skills to use them to their full potential. Your students are waiting for the magic to begin.

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