Zinn Education Project

Zinn Education Project

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Empower Educators to Teach Hard History

The Zinn Education Project provides resources and professional development to help educators teach about historical events often overlooked or minimized in traditional textbooks. Their approach, rooted in Howard Zinn's iconic A People's History of the United States, aims to examine history from diverse perspectives and uplift marginalized voices. 

On Alludo's new course, educators will gain strategies and lessons for facilitating complex conversations with students about topics like indigenous peoples’ history, the civil rights movement, and U.S. military interventions. With Zinn Education Project's guidance, teachers can empower students to analyze historical events critically and relate them to current social justice issues.

Learners will come away with concrete tools to create a more equitable and inclusive learning environment that validates students from all backgrounds. They'll also connect with a nationwide community of educators committed to teaching "hard history" accurately and compassionately.

By taking this course, you can further the Zinn Education Project’s mission to foreground diverse histories in K-12 curricula across the country. Join us and help the next generation gain a fuller understanding of our shared past.

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