Informed K-12

Informed K-12

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Informed K-12 is an invaluable automated workflow solution that helps school districts modernize outdated paper-based processes. This revolutionary system digitizes cumbersome paperwork and forms, streamlines approval workflows, and centralizes essential school business functions—freeing up precious time for educators to focus on what matters most: their students.  

Yet many school administrators and teachers continue relying on antiquated systems involving printing, signing, routing and manually tracking forms. This outdated approach hampers productivity and bogs down staff in tedious administrative tasks.

That's why Informed K-12 is so transformative. This clever platform centralizes form submission, seamlessly routes approvals, and maintains thorough audit trails. No more wasted hours tracking down a printed form lost in a supervisor's inbox or clarifying unclear handwritten notes.  

Informed K-12's user-friendly interface also enables admins to easily build digital forms, set automatic reminders for overdue tasks, and run real-time reports on approval metrics. The system even includes robust APIs to integrate with existing district solutions.

Whether submitting a budget proposal or sick day request, Informed K-12's automated workflows save educators precious time. Staff stay focused on high-impact work while the system handles routine processes efficiently behind the scenes. The platform's thoughtful design empowers admins and makes everyday tasks effortless for end users.

By partnering with Informed K-12, forward-thinking districts tap into the future of streamlined operations and staff productivity. This clever solution pays dividends through time savings and better data-driven decision making. Join the modern workflow revolution with Informed K-12!

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