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What if your students could reach their full reading potential? With Lexia's research-proven reading program, they can. Lexia provides personalized literacy instruction for K-5 students to accelerate their reading ability, no matter where they start. 

Built on over 30 years of scientific research, Lexia pinpoints skill gaps and gives students targeted instruction and practice right within their zone of proximal development. Its adaptive technology adjusts the difficulty level in real-time, keeping students motivated and engaged. 

Lexia Core5 Reading not only accelerates student reading gains up to 2X the norm, but it also saves teachers time. Real-time reports identify at-risk students instantly so you can provide timely interventions. The program even suggests activities to reinforce new skills. Students enjoy Lexia's engaging graphic design and game-like rewards, allowing them to learn independently while you focus on small groups.

On Alludo's online courses, you'll discover how Lexia Core5 Reading supports best practices literacy instruction. Learn research-backed methods to implement Lexia effectively for in-class blended learning or at-home use. Courses cover the program's key capabilities: 

  • Skill-building for phonics, vocabulary, comprehension & more
  • Real-time progress monitoring to inform instruction 
  • Fun rewards & certificates to motivate students
  • Usage & activity reports to drive informed decisions
  • Goal-setting tools to encourage student ownership

Empower yourself to help every student become a confident, capable reader. Unlock Lexia's potential for your classroom on Alludo today!

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