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Istation is an adaptive and engaging reading intervention program proven to unlock student potential. With Istation, educators can accurately measure reading ability, monitor growth, and differentiate instruction to meet each student’s needs.  

On Alludo’s new Istation training program, you’ll discover the research-backed strategies and latest techniques to implement Istation effectively. Through on-demand video tutorials, live webinars with experts, and printable lesson plans, you’ll gain the skills to nurture growth and confidence in young readers.

Monitor Progress with ISIP Assessments  

Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP) assessments provide continuous insight into student performance. These computer-adaptive tests frequently measure reading ability across critical domains, pinpointing strengths and growth areas for data-driven instruction.

On Alludo, learn how to access and interpret ISIP reports to determine reading levels. Expert tips help you utilize the color-coded data to form fluid, differentiated reading groups.

Engage Students with Istation Home

Bring the proven benefits of Istation into students’ homes with Istation Home. This remote learning platform delivers the same computer-adaptive curriculum and assessments for continuity wherever kids learn. 

On Alludo, discover strategies to implement Istation Home seamlessly. From navigating the teacher dashboard to customizing assignments, our training simplifies remote reading instruction.

Connect Families through the Parent Portal  

Increase family involvement with Istation’s Parent Portal. This tool lets families view their child’s ISIP performance data and access printable resources to support reading at home.

On Alludo, learn how to activate the Parent Portal and use it to foster parent-teacher communication. Download templates to introduce families to Istation and explain ISIP reports in parent-friendly language.

When you’re ready to unlock every student’s potential, Alludo’s Istation training has the techniques and tools you need. Enroll today!

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