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Discover a Proven Reading Intervention Program with SPIRE

Struggling readers need more than just encouragement - they need a comprehensive, evidence-based reading intervention program that addresses all aspects of reading. That's where SPIRE comes in. SPIRE is a multisensory, structured literacy program based on years of proven Orton-Gillingham principles and the latest reading research. With explicit instruction in phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and more, SPIRE gives struggling readers the intensive support they critically need.

Our new online SPIRE training through Alludo equips teachers to confidently implement this powerful program. In 10 easy-to-follow video lessons, you'll learn:

  • The science behind SPIRE's effective methodology
  • How to administer assessments to identify students' needs 
  • Steps for implementing each of the 10 parts of a SPIRE lesson 
  • Tips for managing small groups and keeping students engaged
  • Creative ways to incorporate spelling, decoding, and handwriting
  • Useful resources to reinforce learning for struggling readers

Teachers rave about how this training gave them the knowledge and tools to truly help their struggling students thrive. The structuredphonics-based approach is a game-changer for decoding, spelling, and automaticity. Plus the systematic vocabulary instruction helps build comprehension. With the right training, SPIRE can be transformative for your classroom too.  

Make a difference for struggling readers this year - enroll in SPIRE training and unlock the power of multisensory reading intervention. This critically important program can change lives when implemented correctly. With Alludo's online SPIRE course, you'll get the expert training you need to start seeing real reading gains right away.

SPIRE Activities

Quickly deploy SPIRE lessons to your entire district.

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