HMH Math Expressions

HMH Math Expressions

9 Learners | 27 Completed Lessons | 6 Hours of Learning Time

Based on decades of research, HMH Math Expressions empowers educators to transform their math instruction. This proven PreK-6 curriculum helps students truly understand math by exploring key concepts through discussion and hands-on learning. 

With comprehensive training available on Alludo, you can fully leverage the potential of Math Expressions in your classroom. Learn how to navigate the user-friendly digital platform, seamlessly assign activities, analyze data, and more. The in-depth courses cover all aspects of implementation so you can feel confident using this powerful program.

Specifically, you’ll discover how to add classes, find your way around the dashboard, assign activities, run reports, and utilize all the tools at your fingertips. The robust reporting functions let you closely track student progress and pinpoint areas for intervention. This way, you can target instruction to meet each learner’s needs.  

Interactive follow-along videos walk you through the intuitive system step-by-step. You’ll even upload screenshots to get hands-on practice as you learn. With Alludo's engaging training, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to help your students truly excel and foster a deeper love of math.  

Transform math time into a period of awe and wonder with HMH Math Expressions and Alludo. Unlock students’ potential today!

HMH Math Expressions Activities

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