Behavior Support (PowerSchool Unified Classroom)

Behavior Support (PowerSchool Unified Classroom)

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What if there was a way to not only track student behavior, but encourage positive interactions that lead to a nurturing school community? With Behavior Support in PowerSchool's Unified Classroom, there is. This revolutionary module equips educators with the tools they need to capture both positive and negative behaviors, analyze trends, communicate with students in real-time, and reinforce good choices.  

The results speak volumes. Schools using Behavior Support report increased parental engagement, improved trust and communication within the school community, and most importantly - positive gains in student behavior.  

Bring out the best in every student with features like digital "Critter" avatars that celebrate students' good choices, behavior referrals to provide accountability, and data visualizations to inform intervention plans. Teachers gain invaluable insight and students bask in positive reinforcement.  

Unified Classroom's Behavior Support empowers you to shape a school culture where students and teachers thrive together. And the benefits don't end there. This module paves the way for improved academic performance, higher self-esteem, and life-long positive decision making abilities. Your school community deserves it.  

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