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Unlock your students' potential and transform their futures with MajorClarity. As an educator, you have the power to guide your students towards bright and fulfilling careers. But doing so requires the right tools and approach. That's where MajorClarity comes in. 

MajorClarity is an intuitive platform designed to revolutionize career and college readiness in schools. It engages students in meaningful career exploration and planning by aligning their academic journey with their aspirations. With MajorClarity, advisors and counselors can provide personalized guidance, while students gain clarity and direction.

The user-friendly MajorClarity platform empowers you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate career readiness into daily lessons and advising sessions 
  • Access a library of ready-made lesson plans tailored to career development  
  • Guide students through self-discovery assessments to uncover their interests, skills and values
  • Help students map out academic plans connected to their career goals
  • Track student progress and intervene when they go off course
  • Communicate with students and parents to reinforce lessons
  • And more!

Imagine classrooms buzzing with career-focused energy. Envision students taking ownership of their futures. Think of the renewed purpose and fulfillment you'll feel as an educator. This is the transformative power of MajorClarity. 

Join the hundreds of schools already using MajorClarity to set their students up for success. Unlock your students' potential today!

MajorClarity Activities

Quickly deploy MajorClarity lessons to your entire district.

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