Discovery Education

Discovery Education

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Discovery Education sparks student curiosity and reimagines learning with standards-based digital content and innovative teaching strategies. Through interactive virtual field trips, engaging video lessons, and tools to create customized assignments, Discovery Education brings the outside world into the classroom. 

Experience the Wonders of the World Without Leaving School

From the coral reefs of Australia to the savannas of Africa, virtual field trips transport students to incredible places across the globe and through time. These immersive explorations encourage inquiry, critical thinking, and analysis from different perspectives. Students can observe wildlife up-close, conduct virtual experiments, explore diverse cultures, and make real-world connections.

Engage All Learners with Multimedia Resources  

The Discovery Education platform includes a vast library of current, curated videos, images, audio clips, and texts. These diverse resources represent a variety of formats, perspectives, ability levels, and learning styles. Build customized assignments, playlists, and assessments to challenge advanced students while supporting struggling learners.

Unleash Creativity with Interactive Studio

Discovery Education Studio provides innovative creation and collaboration tools. Students demonstrate understanding by designing multimedia projects, building virtual models, or contributing to group presentations. Educators can provide templates to guide learning or promote open-ended creation. Share student work within the secure platform or export to other apps.  

Assess Learning with Customizable Quizzes   

Embed quizzes directly into Discovery Education videos to gauge comprehension at pivotal points. Ask spontaneous questions during live video streams to test understanding in real-time. Review analytics to identify student strengths and weaknesses to inform instruction. Discovery Education assessments promote meaningful engagement rather than rote memorization.

Continue Your Professional Growth with Discovery Education Training  

Alludo offers over a dozen self-paced Discovery Education training activities to match your experience level and specific needs. Learn how to set up your account, search for relevant teaching resources, facilitate virtual experiences, create collaborative assignments, and more. Master this powerful platform to amplify engagement and understanding in your classroom.

Discovery Education Activities

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