McGraw Hill Impact

McGraw Hill Impact

21 Learners | 35 Completed Lessons | 9 Hours of Learning Time

McGraw Hill Impact Social Studies represents a revolutionary approach to social studies education. Built on the principles of inquiry-based learning, Impact empowers students to think critically, analyze diverse sources, consider multiple perspectives, and tackle real-world issues. 

As an educator, you have the immense responsibility of shaping young minds. With Impact Social Studies, you can captivate your students' curiosity and inspire them to dive deeper into history, geography, civics and more. 

Through inquiry-based activities modeled by master teachers, Impact helps students develop the art and strategy of asking great questions and conducting thoughtful research. Instead of memorizing dates and events, students learn how to process information, weigh evidence, and craft convincing arguments.

Want to take your social studies instruction to the next level? Alludo offers comprehensive McGraw Hill Impact training tailored specifically for teachers. Through video lessons and hands-on activities, you'll master Impact's powerful teaching tools for accessing digital resources, creating engaging assessments, generating standards-aligned reports, and integrating Impact with Google Classroom.  

Join the Alludo community today and get certified in leveraging technology to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills across the social studies curriculum. Give your students an Impact experience they won't forget. The future leaders of our nation will thank you.

McGraw Hill Impact Activities

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