Savvas/EasyBridge History

Savvas/EasyBridge History

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As an educator, you have the profound privilege and responsibility of shaping young minds. You nurture curiosity, spark imagination, and impart knowledge that will ripple through your students' lives. Yet with crowded curriculums, packed schedules, and constant demands on your time, finding engaging social studies resources can be challenging. What if there was an easy way to tap into a vast library of standards-aligned, multimodal content to invigorate your Savvas/EasyBridge History instruction? 

Look no further than Alludo's Savvas/EasyBridge History professional development. Whether you're new to Savvas or a seasoned user, Alludo equips you with the skills and inspiration to realize the full potential of this powerful platform.

Bring Savvas Content to Life  

With step-by-step guidance, you'll master assigning interactive activities, creating customized playlists, and using built-in assessments to reinforce learning. Dynamic visuals and interactive tools promote critical thinking and hands-on history exploration. Access a trove of primary sources, timelines, biographies, and more to traverse historical eras from early civilizations to modern times. 

Gain Insights to Target Instruction 

Alludo's Savvas training leverages robust reporting features to yield data-driven insights. Monitor student progress to pinpoint knowledge gaps. Analyze mastery by standard to target reteaching. Feedback fuels an iterative teaching process to meet each learner's needs.

Save Time With Simplified Workflow

Streamline lesson planning and content sharing by connecting Savvas Realize to Google Classroom. Seamlessly assign activities, share resources with colleagues through custom playlists, and reduce duplication of effort. With Alludo's guidance, you'll finesse an intuitive digital workflow.

Empower Students as History Detectives

Social studies should enthrall students rather than overwhelm them. Alludo's Savvas professional development enlivens instruction with interactive media that transports students across centuries and continents. Investigate historical mysteries, explore key events through compelling narratives, and cement learning through game-based assessments. Thisinquiry-based approach promotes fascination in even the most reluctant historians!

Unlock your teaching superpower with Alludo. Our Savvas/EasyBridge History PD provides educator-focused support, so you can bring engaging instruction to life. Help students become impassioned history detectives who eagerly explore the past to better understand their world. The future starts with your inspired teaching today.

Savvas/EasyBridge History Activities

Quickly deploy Savvas/EasyBridge History lessons to your entire district.

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