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Immerse Your Students in Authentic Spanish Language and Culture  

As an educator, you know the importance of engagement, motivation, and relevance when it comes to student learning. That's why Savvas/EasyBridge Autentico is such a game-changer. Auténtico fully immerses middle grades and high school students in the authentic Spanish language and cultural experiences that bring language to life. 

Through rich, diverse texts, videos, audio clips, and interactive online activities, Auténtico transports your classroom directly to Spain and Latin America. Students connect with native speakers their age, engage with compelling age-appropriate stories, and take part in meaningful communicative tasks. This frequent exposure to authentic resources boosts engagement, improves reading ability, and gives students the confidence to use Spanish beyond the classroom.

On Alludo's online professional development platform, you can access on-demand training to help you get the most from Auténtico's digital tools and content. Learn how to navigate the Savvas Realize dashboard to assign activities, share custom playlists, and track student progress. Discover Auténtico's diverse library of standards-aligned texts, games, videos, and more. Then explore how to leverage them to create targeted, motivating lessons your students will love.  

Join the thousands of educators seeing outstanding results with Savvas/EasyBridge Autentico. With Alludo's practical Auténtico training, you’ll be empowered to create an immersive, cultural experience that brings Spanish language to life for your students.

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