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As an educator, you have the profound privilege and responsibility of shaping young minds. You want your students to thrive both academically and personally. Yet traditional curriculum often falls short of adequately engaging and preparing students for college and career readiness in today's world. What if there was a better way?

StudySync, an award-winning literacy solution from educational leader McGraw Hill, offers a refreshing approach to core ELA instruction. Combining digital innovation with research-based best practices, StudySync accelerates student growth in reading, writing, critical thinking, speaking and listening. 

Dynamic video lessons, multimedia content and hundreds of diverse, high-interest informational and literary texts inspire students to dive deep into learning. Ongoing assessment and actionable analytics help you target instruction to individual needs. Social-emotional development activities promote essential skills like communication, collaboration and self-awareness. 

StudySync gives you the flexibility to customize content to your classes while providing a systematic pathway for standards mastery. And with built-in support for English Language Learners and accessibility features to serve all learners, StudySync fosters an equitable environment for academic excellence.  

Isn't it time your students get in sync with success? Let StudySync unlock their potential. Get trained on StudySync best practices today!

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