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Spice Up Your Classroom with Emojis and Bitmojis!

Do you want to add some extra fun and engagement to your online or in-person classroom? Look no further than emojis and bitmojis! These colorful and expressive images are extremely popular among students, providing a lively visual language they already understand. 

With our engaging Alludo training, you'll learn clever ways to incorporate emojis and bitmojis into your instruction. We'll guide you step-by-step through activities like adding an emoji keyboard extension in Chrome, including emojis in Google Classroom posts, and even creating your own personalized bitmoji avatar. 

Bring Some Joy and Creativity to the Classroom

Emojis and bitmojis offer enjoyable new channels for students to communicate ideas and concepts. They love expressing themselves through these visual tools! Our Alludo trainings will reveal fresh, creative applications to captivate your students.

For example, encourage students to use emojis and bitmojis to demonstrate understanding of academic topics. Have them create bitmoji math problems, science lab scenes with emoji reactions, book reports depicted through visual storytelling - the possibilities are endless!  

Simple Ways to Incorporate Visual Expression

With Alludo's easy-to-follow video tutorials, you'll quickly learn techniques like:

  • Enabling the hidden Windows 10 emoji keyboard
  • Adding emojis to Google Classroom announcements and posts 
  • Making an animated talking bitmoji video
  • Building an eye-catching bitmoji classroom visual 

Whether online or in-person, emojis and bitmojis create fun opportunities for students to showcase what they know. They make great assessment tools too!

Bring Some Extra Fun into Your Classroom 

Educating today's visually-oriented students requires modern tools that speak their language. With Alludo's engaging emoji and bitmoji trainings, you'll learn how to effectively incorporate these visual communication channels into your instruction.

Get started now and add some extra joy and creativity to your classroom! Your students will love expressing themselves through emojis and bitmojis - and you'll have fun right alongside them!

Emojis/Bitmojis Activities

Quickly deploy Emojis/Bitmojis lessons to your entire district.

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