Talking Points

Talking Points

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Empower Your Students and Families Through Talking Points

As an educator, you have the profound privilege and responsibility of shaping young minds. You nurture their growth not just academically, but emotionally and socially. Yet no teacher can do this monumental task alone. Truly empowering students requires engaging their entire support network - especially families. 

This is where Talking Points comes in. Talking Points is a revolutionary platform that connects teachers and families through instant two-way translated communication. With just a few taps on your phone, you can send messages to parents in over 100 languages. Break down language barriers and foster meaningful dialogue with all families, not just those that speak English.

The benefits of Talking Points are immense. Studies show students with involved parents have higher test scores, better attendance, increased motivation, and reduced behavioral issues. But non-English speaking parents often feel disconnected from their child's education. Talking Points fixes this by making teachers accessible to every family. 

And the platform goes beyond simple translation. Talking Points provides speech-to-text features so parents can listen to messages. You can also attach PDFs, images, and videos to further drive home key concepts. The two-way communication means parents can ask questions and clarify information easily. 

As an educator, you have a duty to serve all students regardless of background. Talking Points helps you fulfill this duty by promoting equity and leveling the playing field for non-English speaking families. Join the thousands of teachers already using Talking Points to transform home-school engagement. Sign up today and watch your students thrive with the support of empowered, informed families.

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