Savvas enVision Math

Savvas enVision Math

7 Learners | 25 Completed Lessons | 6 Hours of Learning Time

Discover the Power of Savvas enVision Math on Alludo's Professional Development Platform  

As an educator, you have the immense responsibility of shaping young minds. You nurture their growth, spark their curiosity, and lay the foundation for their future success. To truly transform your students' potential, you need more than just a math curriculum. You need a partner that empowers you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to bring math to life.

Look no further than Savvas enVision Math on Alludo.  

Savvas enVision Math is more than a textbook or workbook. It's a revolutionary approach to math education centered around you and your students. The interactive platform, Savvas Realize, places dynamic tools at your fingertips - from 3D manipulatives to engaging projects to real-world activities. Vertical alignment from K-12 ensures your students build a solid conceptual foundation year after year. And with personalized learning paths, you can target each child's unique needs.  

Yet, realizing enVision Math's full potential requires specialized training. That's where Alludo comes in.  

Alludo's on-demand professional development gives you in-depth training on implementing enVision Math. Through step-by-step tutorials, you'll master Realize's robust features - from browsing standards-aligned content to motivating students through data-driven insights. Collaborate with colleagues by sharing customized playlists showcasing your best practices. Integrate your Google tools for simplified classroom management.  

In short, Alludo and Savvas equip you to accelerate student growth and rediscover your passion for teaching.  

Savvas enVision Math Activities

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