Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard

5 Learners | 9 Completed Lessons | 2 Hours of Learning Time

Microsoft Whiteboard opens up an infinite canvas for collaboration, brainstorming, workshops and more. On this blank virtual space, educators can write, draw, paste sticky notes and images to bring lessons and activities to life. With real-time co-authoring, invite your students or colleagues to join in from anywhere and work together on the board. 

See ideas flow with flexible templates tailored for education. Choose from graphic organizers, calendars, seating charts, lesson planners and more to kickstart your creativity. Customize backgrounds with colors and grid types to organize information just the way you want. 

Seamlessly integrate Whiteboard into Microsoft Teams to boost engagement during virtual sessions. Launch a whiteboard directly in a Teams meeting to sketch concepts in real time. Easily share links to your boards for access anytime, anywhere.  

Level up with Alludo training on unlocking the potential of Microsoft Whiteboard for remote and hybrid learning. Their self-paced courses cover all the essential features so you can hit the ground running. Learn how to build interactive assignments, share boards effectively, and leverage templates to amplify student collaboration and understanding. The future of learning starts here.

Microsoft Whiteboard Activities

Quickly deploy Microsoft Whiteboard lessons to your entire district.

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