Microsoft Educator Trainer Academy

Microsoft Educator Trainer Academy

9 Learners | 45 Completed Lessons | 78 Hours of Learning Time

Do you aspire to guide other educators on integrating technology effectively in the classroom? As an education leader, you have immense power to inspire innovation. With the Microsoft Educator Trainer Academy program on Alludo, you can develop the skills to train teachers on leveraging Microsoft tools for more engaging, student-centered learning.

This comprehensive program gives you access to the latest web-based Microsoft technologies for education. Through interactive modules, you’ll learn how to use tools like Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Forms, and Sway to promote collaboration, streamline assessments, and unlock student creativity.  

More importantly, you’ll discover new frameworks to align instruction to 21st century skills and Common Core standards. With Microsoft’s resources, you can show teachers how to design authentic projects that mirror real-world problem-solving. This trains students for future career success while making learning more meaningful and fun.

As a Microsoft Educator Trainer, you’ll bring fresh ideas and passion back to your school community. Get equipped to lead rich workshops and innovate alongside fellow teachers. Become that inspirational force for change you wished you had.  

The Alludo platform makes your training journey simple. Learn on your own time with self-paced online courses. Demonstrate your progress through knowledge checks and skills application. Connect with mentor trainers when you need extra support.  

Invest in yourself and see the ripple effects in your school. With Alludo and Microsoft’s guidance, your expanded skillset can benefit hundreds of teachers and thousands of students over your career. Begin that journey today!

Microsoft Educator Trainer Academy Activities

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